About RMartijnR

This website is for the applications I have created for the Mac versions of the applications provided by Global Caché.

A little bit about me

  • I live in the Netherlands and I am in time-zone GMT+1 (GMT+2 when DST is active).
  • English is not my native language but Dutch is. I can understand Dutch, English and German, but I can only write in Dutch and English.
  • I do not work for Global Caché.
  • I have made the Mac OS X versions in my own time. I decided to make the applications because I did not like having to use Windows on my Mac to learn IR codes from some of my remotes.
  • It also helped a lot that Global Caché has API documentation for their products making it possible for me to understand how the GC100, GC-IRL, GC-IRE, iTach and iTach Flex respond to commands and what commands are available.
  • I created the applications using Xcode.
  • Martijn Rijnbeek
    Software Developer

    Webmaster of this website, developer of the applications on this website.